Enable your business to succeed...
Synergise all your efforts...
Co-relate everyday transactions...
Building efficient engines for your support functions

Get your organization “Future-ready” by building an efficient and enabling eco-system within your organization with the help of Cbensol’s path breaking “Shared Services Engines” for HR, IT, Finance, Facilities and other support functions .

“Convert Visions into Reality” through quantifiable business performance outcomes with Cbensol’s superior process science of linking every transaction to the organization’s vision and goals in a real time environment.

Our principle is to make “Work Mechanics”, Intuitive and Predictive for creating and nurturing, successful organisations.

Collaborative Governance

Launching the “Uber” of Compliance,

Our “Patent-Pending” solution


What We Do

Opscon – Case Management Tool

Opscon is an intuitive and predictive case management tool that will help organizations set up a central platform to ensure all Support functions requests, queries and issues are recorded, tracked and resolved systematically. The user experience of the tool is one of the best amongst its peers.

Shared Services Consulting

We at Cbensol are specialists in designing, implementing, operating and building governance frameworks for Shared Services of global organizations. We deliver the promise of Shared Services in a tangible ROI format making it a self-sustainable entity by  implementing the Shared Services  Center on a continuous improvement model.

Who Are We

  • Anil Prem DSouza
    Anil Prem DSouza
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    A visionary entrepreneur and thought leader with an evangelist approach to bring futuristic technologies to solve issues in Governance, both, at the Corporate level as well as at individual levels. He is a staunch believer of leading from the front, whether it was while apprehending Pirates in the Navy or while crafting our “Patent Pending” compliance tool “Simpliance”

  • Hansa Sharma
    Hansa Sharma
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    As the co-founder of Cbensol, Hansa is responsible for leading internal operations and ensuring project delivery. She is constantly “Driving to Enable” the technology & development team to ensure timely delivery of Cbensol’s compliance tool “Simpliance”

  • Subramanya Raju E
    Subramanya Raju E
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    Subramanya Raju (Subbu) is the epitome of “Passion for Continuous Innovation and Transformation”. Being one of the founding members of Cbensol, his passion towards Technology and Continuous Innovation helps Cbensol tide over complex data problems in no time. His quest for Innovation has led to designing a simple yet beautiful User Experience for the tools we build

  • Ajay Chowdary B
    Ajay Chowdary B
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    Ajay is an experienced professional with over 10 years of in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting processes. Having worked with renowned chartered accountancy firm, Ajay has been exposed to various facets of the finance and procurement functions and has enabled him to design and implement them in one of our Business Shared Services project in the Middle East.

  • Sanath Venkatesh
    Sanath Venkatesh
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    Sanath is Shared Services practitioner, providing competent and best in class solutions to Organizational challenges by promoting excellence and high performance. Sanath is highly experienced and energetic Business Shared Services operations and transformation specialist with 10 years of experience in Global HR and Business Shared Services.

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